We at RENZ have used our technical knowledge and production experience to produce face protection shields certified according to DIN EN 166, which help to contain the Coronavirus. Most masks alone do not protect the eye area, are often hard to source, expensive and cause a lot of waste. One thing is now clear: despite X Corona, life must go on. We have to work, perform day to day tasks and soon we will meet people again! All that as well protected as possible. Therefore, protect yourself and others with our RENZ protective face shield! The face shield is high quality, durable and light. With a 15 mm thick forehead padding and only 50 g, it is comfortable to wear. It covers the face area (eyes, nose and mouth) extensively. The foil used is of high optical quality; it does not reflect or fog up. The elastic band can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit. The shield is held far enough away from the face so that glasses can also be worn underneath. It also fits well under a safety helmet for use in the construction industry. The face shield protects both the wearer and people in the immediate vicinity from airborne liquid droplets and prevents the wearer from unconsciously touching his or her face. In combination with a surgical mask (which can be changed without removing the face shield), the face shield provides the best possible protection. Initially, the face shield was widely supplied to the health sector. More recently, significant sales have also been made to manufacturing and production plants and the construction industry, where employees necessarily work in close proximity with each other. Significant sales have also been made to patient- and customer-oriented environments such as surgeries, nursing homes, retail outlets, bakeries, hairdressing and beauty salons, etc., as employees return to work and the economy gradually re-opens.

  • The clear protective shield covers the face area (eyes/nose/mouth) over a large area and offers optimum protection against liquids and splashes.
  • Prevents that you unconsciously touch your face.
  • The soft forehead padding (15 mm), as well as the low weight ensure a high wearing comfort
  • Easily adjustable elastic band for a perfect fit.
  • Optimal air circulation prevents fogging of the shield.
  • One Size: Due to the flexible construction, the headgear adapts to all head sizes. Therefore, it is suitable for adults and children, as well as for spectacle wearers.
  • Rounded corners favor the maximum freedom of movement of the head and prevent injuries.
  • The head holder can be cleaned with disinfectant. The protective shield should be replaced regularly. Spare shields are available as accessories.
  • Replacement shields available
  • Made in Germany

This is not medical equipment. Used alone it is not suffi cient to protect from infections. The additional use of a surgical mask is highly recommended.

Protective face shield is certifi ed to: EN 166.2001 PSA/Rev. 01 2.4.2020 – Test principles COVID-19 threat: (EU) regulation 2016/425 PSA (March 9 th 2016) Category II (March 9 th 2016) according to Annex II Certified by ECS – 11064-ECS-23 as of April 18th 2023

CE-Certification Info: CE confirmation order

Soft 15 mm thick forehead pad

Easy to adjust for a perfect fit

Replaceable shield

10x Replacement shields for RENZ Protective Face Shield

Art.No. 4798000110

EAN 4029126577049
Article no. 4798000100
Pieces per Box 1
Machine dimensions L x W x H 215 mm x 220 mm x 135 mm
Machine weight 50g
Machine packing dimensions L x W x H 330 mm x 220 mm x 20 mm
Machine weight with packing 52g
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