The Multi-Hygiene Hook offers protection against viruses and bacteria in addition to masks and disinfectants. With our versatile BUDDY you can open doors, cupboards, press buttons and light switches, operate touch screens, EC terminals, water taps and much more. The Multi-Hygiene Hook is extremely robust and durable due to carbon fibre reinforcement. In contrast to disposable gloves, which are not only bad for the environment but can also become heavily contaminated with viruses, our BUDDY is washable. Therefore it is your friend and daily companion.

  • Contactless use: open, press, push, pull, rotate, hook and write on touch screens
  • No direct contact with contaminated surfaces
  • Protection against objects contaminated with bacteria and viruses
  • Integrated touch pen
  • Very robust thanks to carbon fibre reinforced construction
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Sustainable for more hygiene in everyday life
  • The environmentally friendly alternative to disposable gloves
  • Wide range of applications: door handles, touch screens, window handles, lift buttons, EC terminals, PIN pads, vending machines, drawers, cupboards, light switches, WC lids, taps, soap dispensers, etc.
  • Made in Germany

Open / Press / Push / Pull

Touch Pen




EAN 4029126577421
Article no. 4798000155
Pieces per Box 1
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