Air quality meter with CO2 traffic light AIR2COLOR PLUS

HEALTHY AND EFFICIENT THROUGH OPTIMAL AIR QUALITY High-quality measurement technology for exact and reliable values at a glance.

The AIR2COLOR PLUS evaluates 3 important indicators of air quality for your health: CO₂ content, humidity and temperature. The device measures all values precisely and continuously using three highly sensitive sensors which show them clearly on the LCD display. The CO₂ content is also indicated by a bar, which is clearly visible from all sides, in the easy-to-understand traffic light colours of green, amber and red.

  • Suitable for offices, meeting rooms, gastronomy, practices, public facilities, home and much more. (max. 80 m²)
  • Clear CO₂, humidity and temperature display via LCD display
  • Easy-to-understand 360° luminous traffic light makes the CO₂ value in the air visible to everyone in the room
  • Discreet acoustic signal with mute function
  • Long-life, high-performance NDIR CO₂ sensor (0 - 5,000 ppm)
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Sensors are pre-set and calibrated (manual calibration is possible at any time)
  • Response time under 60 seconds
  • Power supply via USB-C (power supply unit + 2 m USB cable included)
  • Mobile use (power-bank optionally available)
  • Ready for immediate use
  • WLAN - for easy access to measured values and settings on the end device
  • LCD display
  • Made in Germany

CO₂-Sensor: NDIR CO₂ (0 - 5.000 ppm /± 40 ppm / 0-50°C)

Measuring range: 0° - 50°C (+/- 0,3° Tolerance) / 0 - 100% RH (+/- 2% Tolerance)

Environmental conditions: 0° - 50°C / 0 - 95% RH

Protection class (IP): IP20

WLAN: IEEE802.11 Wi-Fi /WPA / WPA2

Housing: Plastic

Size: 100 x 100 x 100 mm

Content: AIR2COLOR PLUS, Power supply unit (5V), USB-C cable (2 m)

This product is designed for indoor use only.


The carbon dioxide (CO₂) content of air is an indicator of air quality indoors. The higher the CO₂ content, the lower the oxygen content, thus decreasing concentration and productivity. It also indicates a high aerosol concentration in the room, which can increase the risk of infection by viruses.

The AIR2COLOR PLUS takes an exact measurement of the CO₂ value. If necessary, it prompts you, using the traffic light function to ventilate the room efficiently. Fresh air in the room increases your ability to concentrate, supports the immune system and makes you feel good.

This product is designed for indoor use only.


Humidity being too low can cause dry skin and have a negative effect on your mucous membranes. Viruses and bacteria thus gain easier access to the body. The optimum air humidity indoors is around 40-60% and, according to experts, reduces fine dust pollution. Excessive humidity can lead to mould growth and thus trigger allergies and asthma, for example.

The AIR2COLOR PLUS displays the current air humidity and thus provides you with assistance in ensuring optimum values in your rooms.


Experts recommend a temperature at the workplace of just under 20° Celsius, in the living area, however, somewhat warmer. The AIR2COLOR PLUS shows the current room temperature on the overview screen.

Readings Screen

Track the measured values (temperature, CO2, and humidity) in graphical diagrams via WLAN on your end device. You can switch between the displays for 4 min, 1h or 8h operating time at any time to optimally evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken for a better indoor climate.


Via a WLAN connection to your end device, you have easy access to measured values and settings, including password protection.

EAN 4029126612375
Article no. 4798000280
Machine dimensions L x W x H 100 x 100 x 100 mm
Machine packing dimensions L x W x H 105 x 106 x 167 mm
Power requirement 5V, USB C Power supply
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